Tummy-filling at Gold Plate Restaurant

We feasted in Gold Plate restaurant until our tummies couldn’t take it anymore. I thought it was just a food tasting gig but the owner kept on ordering all their “must-try” dishes and there was no turning back. Glad I had Eric with me for back-up but even he did not have enough room for all the food. Heck, I even skipped lunch for this! I was that prepared.

Quick backstory: Gold Plate is not a franchise. It is a family owned business and the owners are based in Ilocos Norte. If “Lolong’s Bakery” rings bell, that’s them. They also had a small restaurant along Rizal Street where they served hotpot, grilled seafood, and unlimited crabs which made a lot of loyal customers go back to their place. It was also beside one of their bakery’s branches. Not long ago, the restaurant closed to take it to a bigger market thus Gold Plate came to existence. Now, you can find them in Robinsons Ilocos Norte, 2nd Floor, Al Fresco Building. Follow them on Facebook to get dibs on their upcoming promos, discounts, and events: Gold Plate: Korean BBQ, Hot Pot, Seafood

They serve unlimited Hot Pot and Korean BBQ, they have a variety of seafood choices for grilling, and Japanese food too. Their tables are really spacious which make it a great place for family dining, corporate meetings. Basically they just make it a point that eating together should be fun, spacious, and comfortable.

Personally, I enjoyed their Seafood Hot Pot. It had so much in it, so filling! Definitely worth it when you’re dining out with a group of 4 to 5..maybe 6? Point is, the serving is so generous. Plus the broth was really good it didn’t need anymore seasoning while you’re at it. They serve it with a division as the the other is spicy and the other broth is not.

Their take on Korean BBQ is more of the Yakiniku type when it comes to the meat choices. In Korean bbq, the meat are marinated in different flavours while with Yakiniku, it’s mostly grilled as it is. The meats served for grilling are pork, beef, and chicken. Nonetheless, it still remains categorically associated with similar Korean cuisine. With the usual variety of banchan, Gold Plate definitely is on the KBBQ bandwagon. You may even request mozarella cheese to dip on that because we all know cheese makes everything fantastic! 

And just when we thought we were almost done eating, the owner ordered a sushi platter. Lord, I will never reject a good sushi offer! Even on a freaking low-carb diet, GIVE ME THAT SUSHI. Plus, it came with black caviar and my favourite, Wakame seaweed toppings. Thank goodness I came prepared.


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