Slide & Ride through Vintar’s Bikeline Adventure

When visiting Ilocos Norte, it definitely has a lot in store for the wanderlust in you! From food trips, chill out vibes along white sand beaches, trekking, sand boarding and driving around steep sand dunes, or even jumping off waterfalls; you won’t ran out of anything to do or explore. The province has not stopped making waves in drawing visitors to our humble abode. There is so much to love about Ilocos Norte and it is all worthy of sharing to everyone! Which is why just recently, we got to witness the launching of the town of Vintar’s exciting attraction, the first ever Bike line and Surf line in Northern Luzon!

It is now officially open to the public just in time for the summer. The line is 230 meters long running from edge to edge of the Bislak river overlooking the Vintar Dam. The attraction is located in “Umok ni Siwawer” in Parparuroc, Vintar. I was not able to capture photos of people doing the Surf line *bummer* but all the rates of the activities can be found on the photos below.

Aside from enjoying the view as you slide and ride through the cable lines, Umok ni Siwawer also has water activities like kayaking, bike floats, and “balsa” aka bamboo floaters.

Get your friends and family to visit Umok ni Siwawer now. Can you already feel how summer is going to be so much fun in Vintar? Don’t forget your sunblocks!


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