Unli K-bbq satisfaction at Jinjeonghan

Let’s face it. The Korean Bbq craze is rapidly making it on the list of our comfort food cravings and there is no doubt that Korean cuisine is so good! I live in a small city so when there is something new, it easily blows up like a wildfire as people are talking about it right away. Like this little restaurant serving unlimited Samgyeopsal in the heart of the city, we did not want to miss out!

With me on this Korean BBQ food adventure was of course, Eric the bald husband who would only share his sentiments as I am writing this blog because he’s the real foodie and I need his legit tasting skills on my content, and Jbong, the kind of friend who never rejects an invite and is down for anything spontaneous, yea we all have that one friend.

JINJEONGHAN Korean Charcoal Grill is the new Kbbq place you will surely enjoy and keep going back to! They serve Samgyeopsal with unlimited everything in a pretty decent price. I was honestly surprised as we thought it was going to be a bit more expensive because of the equipment and legit charcoal grilling they have going on but no, the place is budget friendly specially for young professionals to start with.

Let me get straight to the point and say that their bbq marinades are really, really good. They have bulgogi and my instant favorite, their “yangnyum” variant. Your choice of unlimited pork or unlimited pork and beef all served with unlimited banchans, sauces, rice, and iced tea. It was super nice too as everyone had separate sets for banchans which should be ’cause seriously, I hate sharing dips and banchans, haha! Besides, it’s unlimited and I must say thank you to the heavens because finally, a restaurant that serves them the right way!

Aside from their samgyeopsal, you can also order a nice homey bowl of bibimbap and the Korean classic, japchae from the menu. I believe the place will have more to offer as they go on which is a pretty good reason for you to follow them on facebook: JJH Korean Charcoal Grill

You know what’s good? They open until 11PM! Spot the restaurant at Brgy. 11, Gov. Primo Lazaro St., Sy Tong Building, Laoag City, in front of PLDT. They open from 5-11PM (Last orders are accommodated until 10pm only)


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