My first ever experience of RF Skin Tightening

I can be the most skeptic when it comes to spa treatments that promise firm and tight skin, heck most specially when they lure you with the “slimming” word bait but it slightly changed until I got to try my first ever RF treatment in Garry’s Thai Massage & Spa.

First things first. What is a RF Treatment?

Radio-frequency skin tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

I was talked to for a couple of times to try out their Radio Frequency Treatment and then finally gave in. Whether or not I’d have results on my first go, I thought at least I can say I have tried it. I truly had no expectations to such things but as soon as I was done with just one session, I am excited to share to you my experience on my first ever RF Treatment.

Honestly, I would just advise you to go for it. Let yourself go and enjoy a good ‘ol radio frequency treatment because it can be your best friend! You may even get addicted because it helps rid your skin from looking older and saggy. Yes, those days are over. I am not saying it’s a lifesaver and will just banish all our saggy skin nightmares but it does help! With the radio frequency treatment, skin tightening is possible and it is harmless as it can be!

Before diving into the treatment though, make sure you do your research. I did a bit of reading and found out that although it is non surgical and non abrasive, after the treatment, skin might turn red due to sensitivity, it will feel warm and you’ll be experiencing a bit of bruising that may last for around 2 to 3 days. It may even feel like your muscle got ripped like after hitting the gym hard and killed it day one. But that’ll be just about it! Don’t be afraid and get with the program. It’s a wonderful experience.

Below are my photos, I tried my best to document my first time experience. 🙂 I must say, in just one session, I lost an inch or two on the waist, legs, and arms. Major thanks to Garry’s Thai Massage & Spa for my first ever RF Treatment and for being so kind and accommodating. Can’t wait for the next!

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