Food Frolicking in Playa Tropical Resort

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we found ourselves having the privilege to be the first ones to try out Playa Tropical Resort’s relaunched restaurant and new menu.

To be honest, the food was already good way back. Most were very homey Ilocano dishes and I believe most of their guests were tourists so they’d totally enjoy the different Ilocano food that they usually served. But this time, they did a few tweaks on the menu and I am here to share with you how we enjoyed all of the food!

Before anything else, here’s the new menu. (Don’t mind the sticker placed on the lower right corner of the second page as it was just placed there emporarily.) We’re all very, very familiar with the food. Nothing complicated, just pure comfort & Ilocano food, a few Asian inspired dishes and more.

Honey Garlic Wings. We enjoyed this appetiser. It tasted like the usual sweet & savory korean food! Definitely will leave you licking all your fingers because the sauce was really thick & yummy.

A fun platter of Nacho Lava smothered with cheese all over! I mean… cheese. Cheese makes everything TDF!

Cynosure_Playa Tropical Restaurant-6

Salted Egg Pasta with Bacon bits

This is their Chicken skewers marinated in Lemongrass served on a Thai bagoong rice.

Insarabasab, for the win! It’s a local dish we Ilocanos already love but hey, not everyone serves good insarabasab, right? This is good and is best enjoyed with a cold beer!

Their take on a Monte Cristo sandwich was oozing with cheese… again! Plus crispy fries on the side. Would’ve enjoyed this much better if served with maple syrup to drizzle. Ugh, good mornings with this one right here would be glorious!

Cynosure_Playa Tropical Restaurant-24

Pulled Pork Quesadilla in Sweet Asian sauce served with salsa. We enjoyed this one too! Pita wrap is freshly made as well.

Cameo role-ing *again* in the blog is Jbong. A converted foodie who now helps us curate food finds in our other blog, “The Hungry Ilocano.”

So there you have it, people. Playa Tropical Resort is opening its doors once again and this time, to fill your hungry and hangry stomachs.

Playa Tropical Resort is located at Barangay Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

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