Hello! I’m Marianne, a Digital Marketer & Professional Photographer based in the Philippines. I have currently hopped into the remote working tribe as a Digital Marketer for a variety of clients from the Philippines, Australia, UK, and the US. Also an entrepreneur, I co-own a music studio business called EM Productions together with my husband. On the weekends, I do food trips and lifestyle content for this blog. Not a workaholic! I do get days off and savour them very well.

I stumbled upon blogging on 2009 as an avenue to showcase my starting career and portfolio as a professional portrait and events photographer but then began to extend my blog content with more of my personal stories, lifestyle, travels, and random experiences come year 2014.

I try hard to inspire anyone who makes it in this blog with my take on photographs, story telling, and most of the time, food reviews!

Hopefully, I can keep up within the blog-o-sphere as I slowly start to explore beautiful places, meet more creative, influential, and inspiring people, also to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with more radiance of self-love. xoxo